Openkore 2.0.4 ~ Openkore Ragnarokbot Manual

Openkore 2.0.4

Friday, November 30, 2007

Openkore released version 2.0.4 on 29 September 2007. You are recommended to use this version if the openkore latest svn giving a problem. Please take a note openkore latest svn might contains a bug that can crash your bot even it have more latest features.

The full list of changes are:
- mRO (Malaysia) PIN code support [by kLabMouse] (thanks to toq, Biozinc and mRO players who helped me)
- Support for disconnecting when storage is full (thanks to glew).
- The Console::Curses interface have been fixed (thanks to Dodge and Paldium).
- Readline interface fixes (thanks to Paldium).

Openkore 2.0.4 Download (it doesn't come with fields folder)
Fields Folder (put inside openkore-2.0.4 folder)

1) Extract and you should get this:-

Dont forget to put fields folder inside or your bot isn't working.

2) Download bot config from bot config download link (on top of this page) and extract it. For example download cyfar bot. Extract and u will get control folder.
3) Remove control folder in openkore-2.0.4 and replace with control folder from step 2. Now you are ready to bot when u finished step 3.
4) Open openkore-2.0.4 folder and double click start.exe
5) It will ask you to select your server and then fill in your user and password. Make sure to select the correct server or your bot wont work.
6) If everything correct walla your bot should running fine now. Happy Botting!!

Important note:
Please make sure you save on the right kafra before you start the bot. It has stated where to save on every bot config page.


Anonymous said...

wheres the field folder in ragnarok map?

Anonymous said...

i still dun understand step 2..

carlo said...

pahingin nmn ng bot na no disconnect plzz

carlo said...

pahingin nmn ng bot na no disconnect plzz 2poh email ko

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