OpenKore has been released ~ Openkore Ragnarokbot Manual

OpenKore has been released

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Good news new version of OpenKore has been released. Here are the latest fix and features:-

  • Added ability to locate data files from multiple possible locations.
  • Added lockdown mode.
  • Fixed the 'followBot' feature.
  • Added 'StorageZeny' for storage, and 'zeny' in 'SelfCondition'. (thanks to 4epT and piroJOKE)
  • Added serverType 19 and 20 to support pRO Valkyrie
  • Added 'teleportAuto_useItemForRespawn' if set to 1 Kore will use Butterfly Wing to respawn.
  • Added support for encrypted padded packets.
  • Fixed many bugs.

OpenKore download link

1) Extract and you should get this:-

Dont forget to put fields folder inside or your bot isn't working.

2) Download bot config from bot config download link (on top of this page) and extract it. For example download cyfar bot. Extract and u will get control folder.
3) Remove control folder in openkore- and replace with control folder from step 2. Now you are ready to bot when u finished step 3.
4) Open openkore- folder and double click start.exe
5) It will ask you to select your server and then fill in your user and password. Make sure to select the correct server or your bot wont work.
6) If everything correct walla your bot should running fine now. Happy Botting!!

Important note:
Please make sure you save on the right kafra before you start the bot. It has stated where to save on every bot config page.

OpenKore Bot Download Page

Special thanks to openkore team at


RoooI said...

Where can i find the field map in ragnarok folder? Please help...

Donald said...

Excuse me..

There is an "UNKNOWN PACKET 02AE" thingy that would always appear in the program.

I tried to follow the instructions to update the revpackets of pRO Valkyrie but still it won't work! I always disconnect? What's with this problem.. hope you'll find any possible solution regarding this matter !! Thanks..

Anonymous said...

Y so many problems on bot!?hard 2 set!

Anonymous said...

Yea.. there is an "UNKNOWN PACKET - 02AE" when i use the bot in pRO - Valkyrie server.. then the bot always disconnects after i see that packet... We hope you'll find answers to these problems Ü

Anonymous said...

daim playing a private server.. my problem is all the monster there is unknown.. xD.. when i tried to attack the unkown.. error occurs.. nid little help gus.. =)

Anonymous said...

unable to load the file. Press ENTER to exit the program.

patulong naman panu po ito?

Anonymous said...

could't connect: unknown error

Anonymous said...

unknown error code 10060 san makikita yun?

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