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Packet Extractor Generate Recvpackets.txt

Monday, December 31, 2007

Basically this is common thing that everybody need after server maintenance when Ragnarok Client got patched. Sometimes Gamefiler update some new packets and your bot cannot recognized it and when you start your bot you will get a message like this:-

Unknown packet - 0057

How to solve this? Please read this instruction carefully:-

  1. Download packet extractor. Please report if link has broken.
  2. Extract the folder and double click Packet-Extractor file.
  3. Click button Open Ragexe/Sakexe/Ragfree
  4. Find where is the ragexe.exe or sakexe.exe or ragfree.exe located (usually inside RO folder) - for MRO should be in c:\Program Files\Gravity\MRO\Ragexe.exe
  5. Select ragexe.exe or sakexe.exe or ragfree.exe and click open
  6. Click start button and it will create recvpackets.txt inside packet-extractor folder
  7. Copy recvpackets.txt into tables folder and it will overwrite old recvpackets.txt file. You can run bot now and hopefully no more unknown packet appear.

Download packet extractor

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Anonymous said...

I've tried your way to extract latest's recvpacket but i'm still having some unknown packet like 0010 and 0002 which i dont know is about what.
I will get Hash error when launch my bot and get unknown packet error when use xkore mode.
Pls guide me about this

Anonymous said...

under construction?

Anonymous said...

Address of packet size function not found.

Anonymous said...

this one solved my problem. thanks! ^___^

Anonymous said...

OpenKore version 2.0.7 (Release Candidate)
@ai_seq = attack attack attack
Network state = 5
Network handler = Network::DirectConnection
SVN revision: 6803
No loaded plugins.

Error message:
Invalid hook handle passed to Plugins::delHook().

Stack trace:
Trace begun at src\ line 412
Plugins::delHook(undef) called at src\Task\ line 112
Task::Route::DESTROY('Task::Route=HASH(0x49d6bbc)') called at src\Interface\ line 113
eval {...} at src\Interface\ line 113
Interface::Wx::mainLoop('Interface::Wx=HASH(0x2e16cfc)') called at line 96
main::__start at line 125

Died at this line:
} else {
* ArgumentException->throw("Invalid hook handle passed to Plugins::delHook().");

how cn i solve this?

Anonymous said...

why with unknown packet 8E75??
my BOT isnt working because this
please help me

my email

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