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Ragnarok Dual Client

Saturday, December 22, 2007

This is dual client for Malaysia ERO English (PAID server) and Malaysia ERO English free Server (Prontera). At this moment we only support dual client for Malaysian Community. Normally people will use this for transfer item and zeny but some of them use it for WOE. This client comes together with those features:-

Feel free to read the manual how to make all this thing works. Dual client manual can be found here:-
Dual Client Manual

You can get ragnarok dual client below:-

ragexe.exe (updated 08/02/2008) - dual client for ERO PAID SERVER New

ragfree.exe (updated 08/02/2008) - dual client for ERO FREE SERVER (PRONTERA)

Don't know how to download from rapidshare? Read repidshare manual and follow the step.
Rapidshare Manual


Jeremy said...

The ragfree.exe dint hav WOE dmg hack.. can fix it? thx..

Openkore Manual said...

its working now.. read this post
woe damage solution

daren said...

helo..can help hex the ERO ragexe dual & WOE dmg hack?

Anonymous said...

can i haf de latest dual client for ERO paid server

Anonymous said...

Can you provide a dual client for ERO paid server? Much appreciated =)

Anonymous said...

is this Dual client applicable to Phil.Ragnarok Online??? Valkyrie Server

Rayyy said...

I Have ROCP(speed hack) but the developer never renew and doesnt work since rachel patch.
My ROCP says "online" with your dual.exe but the ASPD doesnt work.
Can help?

Anonymous said...

disconnected from map server, connecting to account server in 10 seconds...

why is this always happen when i use my openkore bot

Anonymous said...

Who want's help on your config?? just email me!shinsetsu_carlo@yahoo.com
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Job : Thief
Lvl : 40
Map to Bot : moc_fild02

lately i have figure out that the thing you must do is find the right config! i have melee bot for beginners! just email me with your 100 RO load Card# and Pin# then i'll send you my config + answer your questions i will reply to you quickly to start your botting in pro Valkyrie!
here's my email again shinsetsu_carlo@yahoo.com ROK ON!

Anonymous said...

hi, askin if you cud help on dual log in myRO dats on the philippines, and if you can, the pesky antibot it has. damn...

Anonymous said...

HI,can I use this for other private servers?i'mplayin at Zeta RO. pls add me in YM,sedierhta01@yahoo.com thanks

Anonymous said...

wew, that's cool!, is it work on Ragnarok Online Indonesia? please help me : roshiliveid@live.com thx be4

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