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Announcement for iRO users (packet error)

Monday, December 31, 2007

iRO now uses serverType 0 - make sure you get the release, verify the serverType in your servers.txt, and extract recvpackets.txt .
For XKore issues, you'd need the latest SVN (revision 6150, 26 December 2007) for that.

How to:-

Once done, check in tables/servers.txt

[International - iRO: Chaos/Loki/Iris]
serverType is set to 0 (serverType 0)
paddedPackets is set to 0 (paddedPackets 0)

If you bot on Sakray, the same applies, just for [International - iRO: Sakray]

Now, check tables/recvpackets.txt
Make sure on top it reads:
# Packet lengths for iRO (December 14, 2007)
# Packet lengths for iRO (December 19, 2007)

If it doesn't, rename recvpacktes-iro.txt to recvpackets.txt
(Openkore always uses recvpacktes.txt - the other recvpackets-*.txt are there to be renamed / copied over to recvpackets.txt.)

Additionally, in your control/config.txt, set serverType to 0 (serverType 0) - this usually isn't necessary, as it should take serverType from tables/servers.txt
Also, check that paddedPackets in control/config.txt is set to 0 (paddedPackets 0) - this shouldn't even be in config.txt, but in case it's there, make sure it's set to 0

That should fix your issue.

Credit to Jung from Openkore forum.


Anonymous said...

Can you fix my IRO BOT ?

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